Video Poker Tips

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Video poker tips

Video poker strategy centers around the game being played.For example if playing deuces wild if you have a duece , you want to keep it on the redraw.This same applies to tens or better etc. If it looks like you might get a flush go for it , straights or other winning hands.Never play with more than you can afford to lose.

Play Only 9/6 Machines only in the special case of the original Draw Poker machines paying on Jacks or Better and 2 for 1 on Two Pairs. Check the entire pay table to insure that the machine is a full pay version.

Check each machine for the type of video poker it offers and the payout so you'll know what to keep or discard.Many casino have several types of video poker sprinkled around the casino floor, you might think it's tens or better when it's a deuces wild - always check.

Video Poker is not easy, but most people can learn to become near-experts on a game or two, if they go about the learning process the right way. There are dvds, books, play at home software to educate players.

It's not all luck and yes you can win but you will have to apply yourself to the game/games you want to become familiar with and play from online games to real land based casinos.Video poker is a lovely pasttime if done just right will add to your bank !!

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