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Deuces wild poker

Deuces wild has the best payback and you can make a longterm profit and a mini jackpot of four 2's can be expected once every ten hours.The payoff for deuces wild poker is : Three of a Kind 1 to 1 ,Straight 2 to 1 ,Flush 3 to 1 , Full House 4 to 1 , Four of a Kind 4 to 1 , Straight Flush/span 9 to 1 , Five of a Kind 15 to 1, Wild Royal Flush 20 to 1 , Four deuces 200 to 1, Royal Flush 250 to 1 (5 coin bet 800 to 1) , four deuces rule and a hand of four deuces can't be improved . some tips for deuces wild poker : never discard a deuce , if no deuces are in your hand check per standard poker hands or redraw.Deuces are wild and can fill in for flushes as well so don't accidentally throw out other cards that could make a flush ie. 2(clubs) , 2(hearts) , 6 , 7 , 8 is a flush as well as three of a kind in this case hold your cards.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Video below just click the screenshot of the game

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