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Aces and Faces Video Poker Tips

In Aces and Faces Poker ,the player will get paid more credits for four of a kind if you get four aces or four face cards but less for full house or flus. The difference creates a wider zone for the player, who will be waiting for the big payout to hit while getting less credits to maintain themselves from smaller hands. The good thing about this game is that when the bigger payouts happen they are highly profitable. Aces and Faces video poker you want to focus on hitting those bigger hands when you make your draw decisions. Follow these rules to play optimum Aces and Faces video poker strategy;

  • Don't break up a winning hand unless you only require 1 card to complete the Royal Flush.
  • When you have a non-winning hand you should hold:

  • 4 cards to a royal flush
  • 4 cards to a straight flush
  • 3 cards to a royal flush
  • 4 cards to a flush
  • Any pair under a Jack
  • 4 cards to an outside straight
  • 2 suited high cards
  • 3 cards to a straight flush
  • 2 unsuited high cards if more than 2 choose the 2 lower ones.
  • Suited high cards 10-J, 10-Q, 10-K
  • A card Jack or better
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